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Our question

What are the consequences of the ‘Law on the Protection of Minors against the Detrimental Effect of Public Information’?
Censorship of informational gay websites
Moral damage to the LGBT community
Second class citizenship
Increased discrimination at schools
No consequences at all

Empowering women

As an introduction to the project a seminar-workshop “Safe sexual life for women loving women” on 25 November 2010 was organized. The seminar was given by experienced gynecologist. The participants had a chance to ask questions and discuss on the topics of HIV, AIDS and other STDs.
On 27 of January 2011 there was a first seminar organized in the framework of Empowering LBT Women project. During the seminar “Psycho-social identities of lesbians and bisexual women” the participants examined through sharing personal experience how gender is socially constructed, what kind of gender roles are assigned to women and how it affects all of us. There were heated discussions about coming out to parents, friends and others. We reflected on the importance of the coming out process, the consequences related with it and debated on advices how to make this critical step. Through careful listening to each other and providing constructive feedback the seminar’s participants felt morally supported, stronger and empowered. The seminar was followed by an article ( in Lithuanian)“It is important for women to feel strong and confident” summarizing issues discussed during the seminar.
On 30 January 2011 there was a lecture “Lesbians now and then” with following discussion organized by LBT women’s rights activist Kim Fox. The lecturer reviewed the book "Odd Girls and Twilight Lovers" which inspired the trip in time back to the 20th century and reflection on the lesbians’ lives influenced by socio-historical movement in the USA. The participant had an opportunity to discuss and share ideas related to the subject.
On 3 March 2011 there was a seminar “Positive and negative aspects of lesbian couples relationships” followed by discussion moderated by Kim Fox.
On 11 April 2011 Lithuanian Gay League organized seminar “Biological boundaries of sexes” in the framework of the project.
On 18 June 2011 a workshop on public speaking (“Viešas kalbėjimas”) was organized at the LGBT Center. It gave the participants knowledge and practical skills in public speaking and advocacy, participants had the opportunity to ask questions and test themselves in speaking to the larger audience. Workshop was followed by a discussion on importance of advocacy on LBT women’s rights, public speaking and visibility.
Second seminar on advocacy, LBT womens voice and experiences („Kalbu pati. LBT moterys ir jų balsas: patirtys bei iššūkiai“) was organised on 24 August 2011.
The strategic planning workshop “Perspectives of our Rights” (“Mūsų teisių perspektyvos”) took place on the weekend of 9 – 11 September 2011. It included such topics as strategic planning, LBT women advocacy, mental health, sexual and general heath issues. One of the most important outcomes of this workshop was strategic plan relating LBT women rights and needs, which will be suggested to be included in general LGL strategic plan. Check short video from the camp here.
Workshop on lesbians and bisexual women’s sexual health “Every woman is sexual: positive approach to sexuality” (“Kiekviena moteris yra seksuali: pozityvus savo seksualumo suvokimas”) was organised on 22 October 2011. Three psychologists organised all day long workshop and helped participants not only practically discover and understand sexuality thought art therapy, but also gain experience in positive and respectful approach to it.
On 10 November 2011 seminar “Breaking stereotypes and norms: interpersonal relationships” („Stereotipų ir normų laužymas tarpasmeniniuose santykiuose“) took place. Participants discussed about origins of stereotypes and social norms, how it affects us and tried to discover stereotypes which are common among LBT women. Also participants discussed about stereotypes and norms in interpersonal relationships and how to create sincere and true relationship.
Find pictures from seminars and workshops in the photo gallery.
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