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What are the consequences of the ‘Law on the Protection of Minors against the Detrimental Effect of Public Information’?
Censorship of informational gay websites
Moral damage to the LGBT community
Second class citizenship
Increased discrimination at schools
No consequences at all


2014 01 08
Court terminated case of MP Petras Gražulis
Vilnius district Court has terminated the case of member of the Lithuanian Parliament Petras Gražulis who was charged a fine of 200 litas (~ 58 EUR) for attempting to disrupt the Baltic Pride March for Equality in July, 2013.

MP Gražulis was arrested on 27 July during the Baltic Pride 2013 march when he tried to get through the police cordon and was taken to the police station where for this violation he was fined 200 litas. MP appealed the fine to Vilnius regional Court. Gražulis was also charged with resisting the police officers and noncompliance with the lawful demands of the police officers. As the offence may carry an administrative arrest of up to 30 days, the Lithuanian Parliament had to vote to strip Gražulis’ legal immunity. Finally, on 8 October 2013 the Parliament voted against the removal of legal immunity of the MP.

In October 2013 Vilnius regional Court did not satisfy the appeal of MP Petras Gražulis for the fine of 200 litas. The Court then ruled that it was proved beyond a doubt that Mr. Gražulis violated the article 187 of the Code of Administrative Offences. Therefore the appeal was dismissed.

Vilnius district Court has decided to abate the ruling of Vilnius regional Court which dismissed the appeal of the parliamentarian for the given fine. The district Court ruled to drop the whole case. Its decision is final and unappealable.

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