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2014 02 28
Despite opposition, Parliament takes stock of LGBT equality in new report
Today the European Parliament voted its annual report on fundamental rights in the European Union. The report includes an extensive overview of the situation for LGBT people, and recommendations to reach European equality standards laid down in the Charter of Fundamental Rights.

Among other recommendations, MEPs ask that Member States guarantee the freedom of movement of same-sex couples, their families, and transgender persons. They also call for EU measures addressing transphobic and homophobic hate crime, and to ensure that LGBT asylum-seekers are granted relevant protections.

The report also urges Member States to finally adopt the horizontal anti-discrimination directive, which would ban discrimination in education, social protection and the provision of goods and services. The text was put forward in 2008, but has remained unexamined by Member States ever since.

MEPs also repeated previous calls on Member States to review legal gender recognition procedures, as 14 of them still impose compulsory sterilisation for transgender people. They commend the European Commission for their commitment to stop considering transgender individuals as mentally ill within the World Health Organisation.

Finally, the Parliament reiterated its call for an EU roadmap against homophobia and discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity, repeating a call made earlier this month.


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