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Strengthening the institutional capacity of LGL

Sub-project "Strengthening the institutional capacity of LGL"

Sub-project "Strengthening the institutional capacity of LGL" has been financed by the NGO Fund of the Lithuanian – Swiss Cooperation Programme and will be implemented by association Lithuanian Gay League (LGL) during 2013 01 - 2014 07 (Agreement No. CH-5-FM-1/30).

The LGBT community in Lithuania is still facing large challenges of intolerance. LGL as the main advocacy NGO thus still has a lot to achieve for real equality and social inclusion. Furthermore, being a small organisation, LGL faces major institutional capacity problems: difficulties attracting and attaining human resources, gaining independent financial resources and so on.

The aim of the project is to strengthen the institutional capacity of LGL in order to achieve its aims and fulfill its mission, promote human rights, equal opportunities and social inclusion of the LGBT community in Lithuania.

The project objectives are based on the CSS methodology developed by the Global Fund to Fight AIDS: 1) to strengthen the capacity of the personnel and volunteers to participate in public policy making; 2) to develop human resources through a volunteering program and strengthening the LGBT center; 3) to increase the financial independence of LGL by diversifying sources; 4) to increase the organisation’s visibility in civil society.

The direct beneficiaries are the members, volunteers and personnel of LGL. Many more people in Lithuania - namely members of the LGBT community, other NGOs, governmental authorities - will also benefit from the project.

The project includes four general activities: 1) advocacy and development of an enabling environment; 2) development and implementation of a volunteering program and strengthening the material base of the LGBT center; 3) fundraising (development and implementation of a fundraising plan); 4) dissemination of information and raising LGL’s visibility.

The expected results will include plans for and implementation of a volunteering program and fundraising. The LGL team of volunteers will increase from 10 to 30 volunteers who will gain competences during a 2-day training, the material basis of the LGBT center will be strengthened by obtaining equipment, and 80 people in 4 smaller towns will get information through LGL presentations. There will be a report on the implementation of the prepared CM/Rec(2010)5 and advocacy plan prepared according to it, and good practices on advocacy will be shared in a seminar with 50 participants. LGL’s visibility will be raised through a new webpage, news and a newsletter, meetings with other NGOs, dissemination of a booklet and an LGL report.

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